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Writing Retreats Kaslo

From 2010 to 2014, Writing Retreats Kaslo held day camps and week-long retreats for a mix of writers, including fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, mystery and playwrighting.

"Thank you [Holley] for opening up my heart and mind to enable me to see that I can write well...Your inspiration and guidance has been a gift. I'm on a journey which began long ago and now I can see what lies on the horizon." Testimonial from a participating writer.

1. Staged play reading after workshopping Denine Milner's "Front-Door Women". Directed by Barbara Pollard, The Langham Theatre, Kaslo.
2. Reading on Kootenay Lake in my boat during Mystery Camp with Deryn Collier.
3. The retreat in the field was a productive work space for writers year-round.
4. Afternoon reading break at a summertime workshop.
5. Verandah life, thousands of words coming and going.