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Reading | Book Launch | The Writers' Show


Amanda Bath and Holley Rubinsky at the Langham Theater.

In July 2012 the small community of Johnson's Landing was hit by 2 devastating landslides. 4 lives were lost and 6 homes destroyed. Mandy Bath lost her home that summer and has spent the last 3 years writing. First as therapy, then as there was so much material, collaborating with Holley Rubinsky to publish a book.


Peter Gzowski on Morningside, CBC Radio

Peter Gzowski was a huge celebrity -- radio mattered the the Sunday morning shows linked Canada. Asked for an interview by Peter -- well, didn't the head swell just a bit? This piece was run again in the evening on "The Best of Morningside".

For years feminists pointed out the one or two place where I might have nailed him but I was a woman of a certain generation and we were having too much fun.


Lenore and Nan (2.71 MB)

Holley Rubinsky reads from Beyond This Point.


The Writers' Show was hosted and produced by Holley Rubinsky.

The Writers’ Show talks to nationally published Canadian writers and others in publishing who are based in British Columbia, Canada. The emphasis is on the how-to of the writing process - character development, motivation, writing scenes - and experiences in publishing, including getting work accepted, finding an agent, publicity and reviews. The show is a resource for college-level writing instructors, students of writing, others who write, and readers. Guests include fiction writers, poets, nature writers, agents, and publishers. The show’s purpose is to make listeners aware of writers’ lives and to explain the process of writing to readers and others who are interested in how it’s done. The show offers tips to writers and explanations of the publishing process - what happens after acceptance, the role of the editor, the art design of a book, covers, marketing and publicity.

2006, Shows 1- 9: Anne Fleming, Cynthia Flood, Bill Gaston, Almeda Glenn Miller, John Lent, Rita Moir, Tom Wayman, Caroline Woodward.

2007, Shows 10- 33: Angie Abdou, Caroline Adderson, Vivien Bowers, Anne De Grace, Don Gayton, Terry Glavin, Leona Gom, Katherine Gordon, John Gould, Kristjana Gunnars, Steve Guppy, Pauline Holdstock, George K. Ilsley, Patrick Lane, Adam Lewis Schroeder, Pearl Luke, Andrea MacPherson, Kathy Page, Bill Schermbrucker, Rhea Tregebov, Lynne Van Luven, Carol Windley, Terence Young. Actor Lucas Myers; ornithologist and writer Dick Cannings; publisher Diane Morriss; agent, Morty Mint.

2008, Shows 34-41: George Bowering, Baba Brinkman, Vicki Delany, Mark Forsythe, Edith Iglauer, Theresa Kishkan, Ian McAllister, Trevor Owen of WIER, Mary Schendlinger, Audrey Thomas, John Vaillant.